Monday, April 11, 2016

Balloon in a Bottle Experiment

Today we did an experiment where we tried to blow up a balloon inside a bottle.  Mrs Ousey huffed and puffed but it wouldn't blow up!  Why not???  "because their was air in the bottle and no room for the balloon".  So then we put a little hole in the bottle and tried again...  and guess what?? IT WORKED!!  As we blew up the balloon we could feel air coming out of the little hole.  We found a video on You Tube and the clever man was able to get the balloon to stay blown up.  We couldn't but we have decided we would like to try this at home and see if we can find a way to make it happen.  This is our holiday challenge!  The teachers would love to see some photos.  Good luck Room 9 and 10!


  1. That's a cool experiment. We'll certainly be trying that one over the holidays Reid! Four days to go......

  2. The key is to seal off the hole in the side of the bottle after you have blown up the balloon. If no air can get back into the bottle, then the balloon can't deflate. Looks like a fun holiday activity - Elke is keen to give it a go.