Thursday, July 6, 2017

SAS - Serious About Science

This term we have been busy with our science unit called 'SAS - Serious About Science'. Here are some of the experiments that we have done so far. If you want to do any of these at home click on the following links.
Gummy Bear Osmosis
How Strong is Spaghetti?

The first one is called Gummy Bear Osmosis. We put gummy bears into a range of different solutions to see how they would react overnight. We made some predictions about what we think might happen. Most of us thought that they would dissolve or that the liquids they were in would change colour. As you can see below most of them grew bigger. The one in vinegar became very mushy and looked a bit like jelly! 

The second experiment is called How Strong is Spaghetti? We lay a packet of spaghetti down between two blocks and then added more blocks on top. It could hold 69 blocks and our container of poem books and it still didn't break! Who knew that spaghetti could be so strong!

The third experiment is all about density. Density is how much mass is in a volume or space. One way to show density is to pour different liquids (which have different densities) on top of each other. The liquids with the greatest density will sink to the bottom. Before we started we made some predictions about what we thought might happen. Some children thought that once we have finished it will look like a rainbow, different liquids might change colour or it will go bubbly at the top. Some of us even thought it might explode! We put honey, golden syrup, dishwashing liquid, blue coloured water, milk and oil into a glass which created different layers. Have a look at the pictures below and you will see that some of our predictions were right!

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